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A Problem With Your iPad Purchase – You’re Kidding?

The iPad

Is the iPad not the Best Gadget In the Marketplace? So what’s the problem? Did you not check out the tutorial and user manuals that came with your purchase? What there were none!

The Apple Edict

Apple are making a statement in that its iPad/iPad2 is so intuitive you do not need tuition to drive them. Whoa! If you are like me then I am not even close to a tech savvy geek. I take comfort from learning all the ins and outs of my purchase by reading a manual or better still watching a set of tutorial videos. I want it to be more than just a mail checker or a simple browser I want to understand how to really use the damn thing to its full potential! What Apps are available and how do I acquire them and put them into service? What can they do? How can my iPad use these to the best effect? Just a couple of questions. If my grandson lived close by he would probably be able to tell me, but he does not. So I had a problem. It was further complicated by the iOS 6 release. What did it exactly do for me – how do I invoke the advantages of the updated operating system such as switching off ad tracking? Does the new map still support walking or is it simply meant for vehicle traffic – is there a way around this.

You Are Not Robinson Crusoe

Well along with some of the other 38 million or so people around the globe who have purchased the iPad so far  (and counting by the way) this was the obstacle I was confronted with; no manuals, no instruction, no tuition, nada, zip. I was one of the first in my age bracket who bought the iPad2 shortly after it was launched. I did not queue outside the local Apple store for a couple of days prior to the release, getting too old for that caper. Nevertheless I had my iPad2 within a week of its market release. I couldn’t wait to open up the box and drive my newest gadget. But there was no consumer manual. OK I will play the game, after all its so simple to use, where could I go wrong? Well, its not so much a question of going wrong, its more a question of obtaining full measure from the purchase and achieving its full potential, because its awesome once you gain an insight to all of its capabilities and how to use the apps.

How I Gained the Knowledge

I came across a lot of individuals with the same problem at a recent convention. My lack of knowledge  soon became apparent. I was daunted, but I was not alone. We were all in luck because for every novice present there was also some very knowledgeable individuals (mainly youngsters) who were more than happy to share their knowledge in the limited time we had at the convention. It rapidly became obvious that I needed to learn a lot more about my iPad2. The first thing I confirmed was that Apple was attempting to make a bold statement in that their great gadget is simple to use. Which simply goes to confirm that big businesses quite often forget that we are not all as technically literate as they are, particularly at my age when we did not grow up with computers. We need help and need it now. Well surprisingly there is help at hand because a Super Geek by the name of Ipad Pete (should have been Pistol Pete in my humble estimation) has published a whole set of easy to follow iPad/iPad2 Tutorial Videos. I did not hesitate, the step by step training was great, I only had to follow the tutorial video set. Whats more the site is continuously updated for the latest versions. The other problem is how do I know what APPs are available and which ones should I have for my routines. Its all there and you can just check it out here by  Clicking here for more information…


I will not say that I am an expert, far from it, but now I know a hell of a lot more about my purchase. By following the easy to follow Video Tutorial Lessons I am now able to better comprehend my iPad2’s capability. Its a purchase I do not regret. You really don’t know how powerful your iPad2 is until you have a total concept of its capability. Now you too can comprehend the Full power of your Ipad2, just check it out now!

Arnold Vee

A more insightful iPad2 Owner.

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