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A Problem With Your iPad Purchase – You’re Kidding?

The iPad

Is the iPad not the Best Gadget In the Marketplace? So what’s the problem? Did you not check out the tutorial and user manuals that came with your purchase? What there were none!

The Apple Edict

Apple are making a statement in that its iPad/iPad2 is so intuitive you do not need tuition to drive them. Whoa! If you are like me then I am not even close to a tech savvy geek. I take comfort from learning all the ins and outs of my purchase by reading a manual or better still watching a set of tutorial videos. I want it to be more than just a mail checker or a simple browser I want to understand how to really use the damn thing to its full potential! What Apps are available and how do I acquire them and put them into service? What can they do? How can my iPad use these to the best effect? Just a couple of questions. If my grandson lived close by he would probably be able to tell me, but he does not. So I had a problem. It was further complicated by the iOS 6 release. What did it exactly do for me – how do I invoke the advantages of the updated operating system such as switching off ad tracking? Does the new map still support walking or is it simply meant for vehicle traffic – is there a way around this.

You Are Not Robinson Crusoe

Well along with some of the other 38 million or so people around the globe who have purchased the iPad so far  (and counting by the way) this was the obstacle I was confronted with; no manuals, no instruction, no tuition, nada, zip. I was one of the first in my age bracket who bought the iPad2 shortly after it was launched. I did not queue outside the local Apple store for a couple of days prior to the release, getting too old for that caper. Nevertheless I had my iPad2 within a week of its market release. I couldn’t wait to open up the box and drive my newest gadget. But there was no consumer manual. OK I will play the game, after all its so simple to use, where could I go wrong? Well, its not so much a question of going wrong, its more a question of obtaining full measure from the purchase and achieving its full potential, because its awesome once you gain an insight to all of its capabilities and how to use the apps.

How I Gained the Knowledge

I came across a lot of individuals with the same problem at a recent convention. My lack of knowledge  soon became apparent. I was daunted, but I was not alone. We were all in luck because for every novice present there was also some very knowledgeable individuals (mainly youngsters) who were more than happy to share their knowledge in the limited time we had at the convention. It rapidly became obvious that I needed to learn a lot more about my iPad2. The first thing I confirmed was that Apple was attempting to make a bold statement in that their great gadget is simple to use. Which simply goes to confirm that big businesses quite often forget that we are not all as technically literate as they are, particularly at my age when we did not grow up with computers. We need help and need it now. Well surprisingly there is help at hand because a Super Geek by the name of Ipad Pete (should have been Pistol Pete in my humble estimation) has published a whole set of easy to follow iPad/iPad2 Tutorial Videos. I did not hesitate, the step by step training was great, I only had to follow the tutorial video set. Whats more the site is continuously updated for the latest versions. The other problem is how do I know what APPs are available and which ones should I have for my routines. Its all there and you can just check it out here by  Clicking here for more information…


I will not say that I am an expert, far from it, but now I know a hell of a lot more about my purchase. By following the easy to follow Video Tutorial Lessons I am now able to better comprehend my iPad2’s capability. Its a purchase I do not regret. You really don’t know how powerful your iPad2 is until you have a total concept of its capability. Now you too can comprehend the Full power of your Ipad2, just check it out now!

Arnold Vee

A more insightful iPad2 Owner.

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Are iPad Video Lessons Worth it?

The Challenge

I discovered utilizing an iPad2 can be fairly tedious at first. Yes I can browse and check out my email but what else can I do? I finished up looking for a solution to this issue. I desperately needed to explore how to use my iPad and obtain full measure out of it to justify my purchase.

Ipad Tap by Tap Instructions

So I went to the Web and searched for iPad tutorials. I discovered the iPad Video Lessons which appeared to have everything I wanted. I bought it without hesitation and gave it a spin! To say I was thrilled and overwhelmed is an understatement. The videos worked their way up from the basics all the way to the enlightened. I loved the approach – learning by example, no boring texts, just watch it over the shoulder training is great. Studying this way ensures that you will not get baffled, if you do not get it the first time simply replay that section of the video tutorial.  Simple for anybody to use and get the most out of your purchase. It saved me hours and hours of frustrating guesswork and more than justified the initial cost of my iPad2 purchase.

Lifetime Membership

An added feature is that you also gain a life time membership which keeps you up to date with future changes and new video lessons.  The good part I own the videos and can run them over again, and again. The easy tap by tap tuition is quite novel and make training a treat.   I was able to watch the videos on my iPad2; studying how to use the iPad2 whilst utilizing it! What a neat way to learn and discover the capabilities. Simply put clear and comprehensive training. I did have the option to watch the lessons on my laptop but why not use your iPad because you are studying how to use it in the first place? This way you make the most out the time you have.

Is There a Guarantee?

At my age you learn that products need a good money back guarantee. Well I felt pretty good with these iPad video tutorials because it had a sixty-day fulfillment guarantee. Therefore if I didn’t like it I could return it. This “back-up” solution was great to have. I didn’t have to worry about dropping my money on another questionable product. And once I started on the lessons there was no way that someone was going to part me from my videos and their future updates.

Worth The Money?

If you are questioning if the  iPad Video Lessons are really worth it I can unequivocally say yes. I was able to learn everything I needed to know about my iPad in my own time and pace.I discovered the IPad Video tutorials are extremely simple to get the hang of and now I know precisely how to use my iPad2 to its full effect. You can too so check it out here just by Clicking here for more information…

Arnold Vee – on my way to being a an iPad Geek, my Grandson will be proud of his Pop.

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IPad Video Lessons Review- Is It a Scam?

My Hesitation

I lately tried out the iPad Video Lessons. At my age I become very wary of these types of goods, wondering if I am going to get value for my money. To my pleasant surprise and delight I’ve tried it out and I must say I was impressed. It delivered in spades. The lessons are an excellent product to use. It covered the basics as well as the more complicated aspects of my iPad’s capabilities. I thought that it may have been tedious and I like to get to the point, I do not want padding, just solid material I can use immediately. I was always the fidgety child in the class  – easily bored. Despite the wealth of material I found it was easy to follow and get the hang of it all. Quite an achievement for an oldie like me.

What Is It?

For those who are not familiar with the iPad Video Lessons product allow me explain. It is a course which simply educates you on how to use your iPad to its best advantage. Unfortunately Apple did not provide me with an instruction manual for me to get the most out of my purchase, so I bought the course. It was an excellent solution.

One of the great things this product has is a sixty-day satisfaction guarantee. I did not exercise that option because the course gave me more than expected. However for those who do not like the product or feel it is not up to an expected standard you can obtain a refund. Another great aspect is the lifetime membership for the one purchase price with guaranteed future updates.How’s that for support.

More Benefits

An additional benefit I enjoyed was the ability to pause the videos at any time and be in a position to watch them when and where I needed too. You can run them at your own pace, you do not need to get overwhelmed nor do you need to feel rushed. That’s not to say there is not a ton of material, there is and its given in depth. Despite the wealth of well paced data it is easy to follow.

You can watch the tutorials on your iPad if you want too. I viewed most of the lessons on my iPad and it worked well. That”s not to say you cannot use or watch the iPad Video tutorials on your PC or desktop. In fact sometimes its handy because you can follow the instructions on the iPad in real time. I must admit though that I viewed most of the training on the iPad2. I found this assisted me to get more use of the screen and its capabilities and how to adapt without a mice or normal keyboard.

The Recommendation

These video lessons are not a scam of loosely collated grab bits from the internet and PLR articles  but rather a well designed course of instructions together with helpful ideas to get you started and involved quickly and competently. Frankly its been one of the best investments I have made to justify my initial investment. If you have an iPad and do not know all of it’s capabilities I recommend this course. Who knows at its completion you might also turn out to be an iPad Geek or Guru even. I will settle just for being able to make far more effective use of my Apple investment. What ever outcome you chose, to get there you can Click here for more information…

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